Research show that stress causes increased hair loss in both men and women. Today’s lifestyles include tremendous stress, varying diets, medications, and exercise patterns. Thinning hair is also something we face as we get older, and a survey shows that 78% of women say that they worry about it daily. The best approach is to work on the inside of the body, on the scalp and on the hair. Hair vitamins thatsupply essential vitamins and minerals internally for healthy hair maintenance. Taking care of your scalp is taking care of your hair, and to target the main external causes of hair loss to help stimulate cell renewal and collagen production to help reverse the aging process and stimulate renewed growth.

Looking good and feeling good is achieve by performance-based research and testing. Ultimate goals are reached by incorporating the physical, emotional and well-being of everyone using the treatment system. It is more than just connecting with the senses. The colors, the tingling sensations, the invigorating aroma, all play a part in the deeper engagement of connecting with ourselves. Carefully cultivated ingredients deliver a sensory function that creates a whole new experience and explores the combination of science and beauty.

Evidence shows that taking a holistic approach to anti-hair loss and anti-aging hair care has tremendous short and long term benefits.