Hair loss is something that we don’t talk about enough. We often think of it as an issue that men naturally deal with as they get older. The truth is that more women than ever are suffering from hair loss and premature aging of their hair. If your hair starts to thin or if you notice balding, it’s easy to lose your confidence. Your hair is what everyone sees and is your signature look.

We’re looking at the causes of female hair loss and how to care for your hair. The secret to looking after your hair and keeping it healthy is simpler than you think. It starts with your haircare routine and the one product that we all use – shampoo.

The main causes of hair loss for women

We usually think of hair loss as something that happens later in life, but you can start experiencing it as early as your 30s. Most of the hair loss women experience is the result of hormonal and lifestyle changes. While there are dozens of reasons as to why you might be suffering from hair loss, we’re covering a few of the most popular reasons.

Everything from how you style your hair to your diet and genetics can lead to hair loss and thinning. Pregnancy can have a positive effect on your hair, as the hormones promote hair growth and a natural shine. During menopause, the reverse happens as your estrogen and progesterone drops.

Stress is another leading cause of hair loss, often showing itself with thinning and balding at your roots. It can take up to three months for stress to lead to obvious hair loss, the same period post-delivery that new mothers usually start to experience thinning and hair loss.

Your lifestyle can also have a knock-on effect on the condition of your hair. Overly styling and using heat products can dehydrate your hair, damaging the bonds and leaving it prone to breakage.

One of the main reasons that women suffer from hair loss is due to a process caused by ‘dihydrotestosterone’ or DHT. It’s an enzymatic reaction between the skin of your scalp and testosterone. If you fall into this category, you want a nourishing shampoo that protects and rejuvenates your hair.

The anti-aging, anti-hair loss solution

Therapy G strives to find the solution to female hair loss and thinning. Its anti-aging, anti-hair loss shampoo and treatment are the duo that you need in your life. Therapy G has spent years researching and developing these products to create formulas that nourish, hydrate, and detoxify your hair and scalp.

Caring for your hair starts with the basics, with your shampoo making or breaking your routine. You want a nourishing formula that is kind to your scalp and hair. The Therapy-G shampoo is specifically formulated with anti-aging peptides to boost collagen production and elastin while minimizing the appearance of premature aging in your hair.

The ‘Therapy-G Tryptobond Guard’ is formulated to protect your hair from daily stress, reducing surface damage and tryptophan loss. It offers bond protection, strengthening your hair and boosting its body and volume.

Chemically treating your hair is one of the leading causes of hair thinning and loss. The Tryptobond Guard strengthens your hair by over 90%, reducing surface damage by over 60%, while increasing combability by over 50%.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your hair? Do you want to protect it from premature aging and thinning? You can find out more about Therapy-G’s innovative shampoo and treatment system here.