• Conditioning Treatment

    1. Instantly detangles
    2. Moisturizes the scalp and hair
    3. Will not weigh the hair down
    4. Tryptobond Guard attaches to the hair to strengthen and protect from color fadage
    Made In U.S.A. / Fabriqué aux Etats Unis
  • Scalp BB Anti-Aging Conditioner

    Key Distinctions:
    1. Designed to reduce hair loss
    2. Delivers Tryptobond Guard to individual shafts of hair
    3. The antioxidants eliminates free radicals
    4. Relieves dryness, flaking and itching
    5. Anti-aging peptides minimizes the visible signs of aging (wrinkles and deep lines).
    Made In U.S.A. / Fabriqué aux Etats Unis Net Weight: 8.5 oz 250 ml
  • Therapy-G Scalp BB Detoxifying Treatment with charcoal and black mud is an anti-aging and anti-hair loss treatment that absorbs impurities and toxins, detoxifies and purifies the scalp and hair. Peptides, proteins and black mud help to relieve dryness, soothe the scalp, revitalize and moisturize the hair. This can be used daily or as an enhanced treatment weekly.
  • Therapy-G scalp BB reconstructing treatment is an anti-aging & anti-hair loss treatment that infuses peptides to repair, strengthen, fortify and nourish hair with proteins. Relieves dryness and soothes the scalp.This can be used daily or as an enhanced treatment weekly. Featuring Excellmat™ tripeptide complex, a combination of age defying clinically proven peptides that target the main causes of hair loss to help stimulate cell renewal & collagen production & strengthen the elasticity & structure of the scalp to reverse the aging process & to fight hair loss. And Tryptobond guard, a patented cationic (attaches itself to the hair) ingredient designed to protect the hair from sun exposure damage, such as breakage, styling stress, surface damage, and color changes.


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